Thanks so much for taking the time to be here. I'm humbled. And I'm so glad YOU found me! I put my heart and soul into my work and would love to hear from you.


I am a lifestyle, natural light photographer based out of McKinney, Texas in North Dallas.

I've lived in some beautiful places. I grew up in Florida, moved to Denver for college and stayed 20 years, moved to Napa for 1 year, and have now settled in McKinney TX since 2016.

I chose to specialize in Newborn and maternity because becoming a mom, twice, has been the most powerful experience I've ever had. it changes your heart and your reasons for living. or doing anything, really.


I started my photography journey after my son was born. after many years in corporate america, I decided that I wanted a job that filled my soul creatively and emotionally, So, I stopped everything and dove in. I knew nothing about photography and spent every waking hour (that my family didn't need me) studying, learning, viewing tutorials, blogs, podcasts, read books, took classes, bought on-line series from my favorite photogs, attended conventions...I had never persued something so fiercly as i did photograpy. it took many many many failures, to get to where i am now and am still growing. this journey of art is ever changing and evolving into something new. I often think of myself as a light chaser. I'm always looking for the light. And isn't it ironic, as alanis said, that this came after the darkest time in my life.I'm so grateful for this creative passion that god has given to me.


My style is documentary & story-telling, more candid in nature, I'm looking for all the light, the love, and the connection in your family! I strive to bring that out every session. I DO GET THOSE POSED, MORE TRADITIONAL PICS TOO. I DIRECT YOU THE ENTIRE TIME, DIRECTING AND POSING A GOOD CLEAN PHOTO IS WHAT I DO! I LOVE TO "POSE" MY CLIENTS AND IN THOSE MOMENTS RIGHT BEFORE OR AFTER THE "POSE", IS MANY TIMES THE BEST SHOT!


Nothing lasts forever, except the memories you make and the photos that capture them. so let me capture them for you!





These people below are my "why"


Meet My Tribe

Joe The Great

He asked me to marry him on a Sunday night as we rolled meatballs in our hands for dinner. He's considerate & honest, smart & silly. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for him and for finding him. I'm blessed to be his wife, friend, confidant, spiritual warrior, and secret keeper.

Ruby The Brave

She's the coolest girl I've ever met. She's daring, artistic and compassionate. She bites her tongue before she will hurt your feelings. She's honest, brave, and emotional. It is my great honor to be her mother. I believe she is teaching me so much more than I am teaching her. She makes my life so much better.

Van The Man

He's shy, has got eyelashes girls dream about having and a dimple in his chin like Superman. He has an awesome giggly laugh that makes everyone laugh and he makes me steal my kisses from him ,